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Who is Opsview?

An overview of Opsview, what we do and where we came from

About Opsview

Opsview is a best of breed cloud and infrastructure monitoring platform. We’re focused on providing IT monitoring solutions to IT Operations teams within the digital transformation and cloud markets. Our software starts at a host count of 50 and scales to tens thousands of hosts for larger Enterprise and MSP customers. Opsview is trusted by hundreds of businesses, government organisations and service providers globally. Customers include PayPal, Cisco, BT, Sky, UPS, IBM, Fujitsu and HMRC. With a customer first focus, Your success is our success. We’re proud that our Net Promoter Score is at 91 points for our Customer Success Programme.

The latest version of our flagship product, Opsview Cloud 6.0 was released in 2018 having been completely re-architected with microservices for exceptional performance and scalability, while maintaining Nagios® compatibility and providing more than 4,500 free “plug-ins” to other IT applications.

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Who is Opsview?

An overview of Opsview, what we do and where we came from

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