Changing when a Host is monitored

How to configure Host Monitoring duration

To change when a Host is being actively monitored by Opsview Cloud, simply modify the 'Check Period' field for the Host within the 'Advanced' section of the 'Host Tab' (Covered in Section 'Configuring a Host: 'Host' tab'.

First, navigate to the Configuration > Hosts page.
Locate the Host to be modified and edit the Host either by double-clicking on the Host's row or by clicking on 'Edit' within the contextual menu for the host. Within the 'Advanced' section is the 'Check Period' option:


In the above example, we have changed the check period for the Host from the default 24x7 to the newly created 'new_time_period'. Once you have clicked 'Submit Changes' you will also need to go to Configuration > Apply Changes to set this new modification to production so that the Host will only be monitored 8:00 am-5:00 pm, Saturday to Sunday.